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  • Around The World in 180 Ways

    This is a technical write up about a project that I was thinking about related to going around all of the countries in the world in the best way possible. It describes some interesting mathematical models for how to determine which path is the best, and some code snippets for how to optimize these models.

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  • Hyperbolic Polynomials

    Most people who learn about polynomials at some point learn about their roots. So we learn that if you have a polynomial in 1 variable, like $x^2 + 3x + 2$, then the number of complex roots of this polynomial is the same as its degree, but it’s surprisingly a lot harder to say anything about the real roots of a polynomial.

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  • Fractals

    The term fractal, coined by Mandelbrot, means ‘to break apart’ in Latin, and is meant to be held opposed to ‘algebra’, meaning ‘to bring together’ in Arabic. It seems, as they were originally conceived, that these two things are opposites.

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